Mission, vision and values


The mission of Stop Sanfilippo is to encourage Sanfilippo Syndrome research with the objective of finding a cure or a treatment, improve the quality of life of the affected children and their families and spread knowledge about the illness in order to help achieve early diagnoses.


  • To encourage research about Sanfilippo Syndrome.
  • To inform and orientate parents with children affected by Sanfilippo Syndrome.
  • To protect the rights of affected children.
  • To raise societal awareness of rare illnesses and, in particular, that of Sanfilippo Syndrome.


  • Responsibility, compromise and transparency in every activity and program we develop.
  • Tolerance, respect and equality. We attend to every affected person no matter the nationality,sex, religion, political ideals, etc.
  • Guaranteed independence due to a variety of finacial resources.